Burst Safari (Zebra)

If you're anything like us, you'll love any excuse to go on a safari!  We certainly know a certain Mr. Bonamassa likes to go on guitar safari more than most...
No, we're not talking about the plains of Africa or India.  We're talking about hunting for specimens in the form of used and vintage guitars!  For us, the ultimate guitar safari would be to spot the most rarest of beasts, the beautiful 'Burst'!  Have you ever gone on a 'Burst Safari'?  Let us know and send us your photos via Facebook or Twitter so that we can drool over them jealously!
This design features the text 'Burst Safari' with a Gibson Les Paul style guitar, integrated as part of the 't' with Zebra or Tiger stripes behind.
Happy hunting and remember to always observe and leave the wildlife as you found it!.
Did you know we also have a variation on this design featuring Tiger stripes instead of Zebra? 
Click here to view this design with Tiger stripes.
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